Feed host

Are you thinking of becoming a feed host?


It is important that the number of cats in our home is kept at a reasonable level to keep up and the cats should feel good and comfortable. As breeders, we therefore need to be able to relocate sometimes and place cats with feed hosts.

A feed host usually pays no purchase price but sometimes part of the purchase price for the cat, which we agree on. The cat is owned by us but lives with the feed host and he is responsible for all the usual costs you have as a cat owner, e.g. food, vaccinations, cat litter, food bowls, claw and climbing trees, picnic area and a little more, in addition to veterinary care. We are responsible for the insurance and all costs related to breeding & exhibition.

Being a feed host for a female from us means that you become a feed host for a cat that lives with you as part of your family, which means that the litters will be born at your home. There will be a lot of responsibility in connection with childbirth / vigilance before childbirth and the first days afterwards. But the best part is that it is a fantastic experience to follow these little ones in their development during the first 13-14 weeks of life!

When the female has agreed litters, the cat passes into the possession of the feed host, I am of course very involved in the litter myself, participate in the birth if possible and visit them at regular intervals during their upbringing. As a feed host for a female cat, you can also count on a lot of visitors from potential kitten buyers when that time is right.

We are careful with the selection of feed hosts, so it is very important to us that the personal chemistry is correct and that we have the same values ​​in terms of cat keeping and attitudes towards the animals.


Just like when you buy your own cat, it is a big responsibility to take care of a life. The cat does not care who is the owner - it will see you as its master or mistress. Do not take a feed cat "on trial" or to get a "cheaper" cat, but think through your possible feed value as much or even more than when buying a cat. Sometimes there are good reasons why the feed host must be reconsidered, perhaps your life situation has changed in a way that you could not have foreseen.

A breeding tax has a high value in money in our breeding, you will have to work from this in different ways. It is so important that you understand that it is not a free tax! If you are not sure that this is something you really want and can stand up for, with all the time it will take, and all the work it entails (after we have gone through the agreement properly). Then our advice is that you do not. Good communication / cooperation with each other is a prerequisite for this to succeed. And above all that the cat has the best possible home!

You absolutely do not need to have any experience of breeding or show, but the curiosity is there and the desire to learn, maybe plans to become a breeder one day. With the feed hosting, you get an opportunity to feel what cat breeding means for better or worse with the support of us as breeders. In this way you get the opportunity to do this at the same time as everything related to breeding is handled by a knowledgeable breeder who is also on hand and is responsible all the way

Who do we want as a feed host?
- You who are honest, wise, love cats, take responsibility, will always put the cat's best interests first.
- You who have time and patience.
- You who are stuck for just Maine Coon.
- You as the personal chemistry agree.
- You who have the time and desire to set aside the time needed to breed a litter.
- You who have no other fertile cats at home.
- You who can guarantee that the cats only stay indoors / rest yard / balcony and respect and follow our contract.

If you are interested and think that you are suitable as a feed family or have questions, get in touch and tell us more about yourself.