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SE*Cooby's Diamantea

Born: 2023-07-17

Gender: Female

Color & pattern: Tortoiseshell silver shell (fs 12)

Tea is an adventurer, she likes to climb trees as high as possible and happily jump back down. Might have given us a heart attack a time or two. She is also a hugger, will gladly lick one's face and just snuggle up as much as possible.

Tea has a very unusual combination of color and pattern. In the joint world database that has existed since the 80s, there are over 200,000 registered Maine Coons, but only a total of 34 with the same pattern as Tea. She is a true diamond!

Health tests

HCM (ultrasound): Will be checked shortly

HCM (dna): N/N
SMA (dna): N/N
PK-Def (dna): N/N

Factor XI (dna): N/N

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