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It is important that you continue with the dry food Bozita Kitten for the first time after returning home, in order to avoid your kitten becoming loose in the stomach from changing food. If you change the type of feed, do so carefully and phase in the new feed over a period of about 1-2 weeks. If the kitten should still have a bad stomach, you can buy Fortiflora for cats, which is a powder that contains good bacteria for the intestinal flora that you can sprinkle on dry food, available at veterinarians and well-stocked pet stores, which help the cat to restore the intestinal flora.

With us, the kittens have received, since they started eating themselves at about 4 weeks of age:

Soaked and dry dry food:



They have had free access to dry food and they should continue to have it during the first year of life. After that, you may sometimes need to limit the supply of dry food if you see that the cat is starting to become overweight. Cats should have free access to water and it should of course be changed every day, preferably morning and evening. Cats want the water delivered to a place other than where the food is. In order for the kittens to remember to drink water, we have displayed water bowls in different places! A lot of fluid is good for the kidneys and urinary tract.

Dairy products should be avoided from giving to your cat as they cannot break down the lactose in the milk.

There are some who advocate raw feeding for cat BARF. There is a thought with this as cats are in principle strict carnivores, but it is difficult to get a balanced food yourself and requires an incredible amount of knowledge and commitment to do no more harm than good. There is also a purely food hygienic aspect to it, you should not feed cats with raw chicken as it can cause infection of e.g. campylobacter which can then infect humans.

Also remember that cats are prone to starvation. Only a couple of days of starvation can lead to liver damage. Particularly obese cats are sensitive to this. In other words, you should seek help from a veterinarian relatively quickly if the cat does not eat.

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