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There are some potential dangers in the home that one should consider when the kitten comes home. The first is to make sure that doors and windows are secured so that your new family member does not fall out and injure themselves. It is now the law that if you let the cat stay on the balcony, it must be secured in one way or another so that the cat can not fall down. If the cat falls down and you have not taken sufficient precautions, your insurance may not cover any damage. Insurance companies always require a written account of how the accident occurred in the event of a fall accident.


Also remember not to leave candles unattended with the cat - it goes faster than you think to wrap a cat tail through a candle flame.

Another danger is the washer and dryer - some cats like to go in and lie down on the hot dry laundry in the dryer. Make it a habit to always look in the washer and dryer before you start it.

Also make it a habit to always lower the toilet lid so that the little cat does not fall into the toilet.

Cats love to hide and crawl a little everywhere, under the bed, bureaus and a variety of other places that you should keep an eye on.

Loose cords, strings, small objects of various kinds that the kitten can chew and involuntarily ingest must also be kept under control.




Medicines should be kept out of the reach of curious kittens. Paracetamol, for example, is life-threatening for a cat if it is not quickly treated if it has taken Paracetamol. Always consult a veterinarian if you think the cat has eaten something it should not.





Plants in the home should be inspected before the kitty comes home. Lily plants are kidney toxic, which means that the cat's kidneys can be damaged if they chew on these plants. Even Christmas flowers such as hyacinths, poinsettia are very poisonous. In the worst case, the damage can be permanent and shorten the cat's life.
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